I am with you and may the force be with you as well.


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Coming from a different perspective, I arrive at the same answer.
My group spends millions on IC design and verification tools, so
the increased Prottle license costs are down in the noise - i.e. cost
isn't really an issue for me. However, I need productive tools, not
flashy ones! I'm not likely to change any software tool environment
unless I can see a return for the effort in terms of productivity.
This means I need stable tools that perform as expected every time,
not buggy new toys that require rewriting of in-house support scripts,
legacy design management plans plus significant retraining in return
for few, if any, real productivity improvements.

Ever (optimistically) hopeful for an 99SE SP7 release that addresses
the known bugs without adding new ones,

John Haddy

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Mike, I agree with your comments regarding M$. Much of the software
industry is adopting what I think of as the "Exploding Menu" school of
software design. I don't _want_ an animated desktop. Like you, I
have a service bureau. My machine is a tool, not a gameboy, and anything
that distracts from the job at hand costs me money. I need bullet-proof file
management and security tools, and I'm being asked to fund eye-candy.

I have the feeling that Protel is headed down the same road, and for
the same reasons. Once the basic OS or App is fairly well developed,
it becomes hard to entice users to upgrade. The only options they
have are to add inconsequential but visually exciting frills, or to create
necessity to purchase upgrades to cure bugs.

99SE was a great tool at $3900 for small shops and service bureaus,
and was very cost effective. None of the new Protel features I've heard
discussed seem to justify the doubling in price.

Protel is just now getting around to dimensioning tools after 10 years.
I already have to maintain Autocad to cover Protel's shortcomings in
DXF/DWG. If I have to budget $1600/Yr for software, I'm opting for
something much more useful for me than a new router....I doubt I'll live
long enough to see RF tools even at the maintenance price they're asking.


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