It seems that protel is going M$ way. They want us to pay for their bugs. If
someone wants to pay for the technical support it's their choice, and that's
fair, as Protel has to employ people to provide the service. Bug fixes,
though, should be distributed free, as it has been case so far, as this is
not a service. They should be obligated to provide functional product for
the money we pay. This works in any other industry and should work in SW
industry as well. They have to assume responsibility for their work. They
should show some respect to users as well, as we help them fix their code,
too (see dxp beta testing). Why don't we charge them for our time and


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My personal reservation to Altium's new pricing structure is that 
both Microsoft and Protel have historically used a "Toss it and catch it" 
model for software development: Write the code and release it with known 
bugs, and repair such bugs as become negative sales issues. No other 
type of product that I am aware of survives introduction with known
defects, because they're forced to observe product liability laws. Until 
we have legislation requiring product performance to a level of competency
similar to that of, say, an electric toothbrush, we're going to be subjected
to software requiring six Service Patches to reach utility.

Perhaps XP is much more stable than earlier flavors of Microsoft, but it has

the same odor: "Use and maintain XP, or soon all the expensive Microsoft 
products you've been supporting for all these years will be useless." 

Altium's brave new world has the same feel. 99SE is already a powerful tool 
inspite of it's problems, and for my work, the mechanics of layout is no
a major item in the critical path. Second, and more importantly, I suspect
not all patches to the latest product will be released before our "free"
period runs out, leaving me to pay $1600/Yr for bug removal. I don't feel
this is 
acceptable in a package costing $8000. 

Any comments?

Foothill Services LLC

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