dream on Phil
as a broker would say
"past performance is no guarantee of future performance .."

with that caveat stated let us recall the history of Protel

every so many years (4 or 5 ?) they start all over
the first releases of the new one are totally screwed
they fix it, they fix it, they do a minor start over then they 
fix it and fix it until it is pretty good stuff and cruise for 
a few years
repeat above cycle

as much as i wish and hope it might be otherwise:

it would be a reasonable prediction that DXP will offer no specific
resolutions of outstanding bugs
rather, they will have started over as it were and addressed wishes and
there will be new and different bugs because (as a totally
unsubstantiated and raw guess) they have left Delphi behind
there will be new methodologies shoved down our throats
we will kick and scream and then come to love at least some of them
if they remain a viable company and extract enough money from us they
will probably fix things

i am in line for a free upgrade due to a recent second license
i suspect that although i will toy with it i probably won't actually use
it for some time

wish me wrong

Dennis Saputelli

Phillip Stevens wrote:
> AuL> It will probably be worth it *if* tool productivity continues to improve
> AuL> and serious bugs become an endangered species.
> ....
> AuL>  but it was priced so that most any serious designer could afford it.
> This is exactly the position I find myself in.  I bought in "cheap"
> with the version 3.x series,  and have upgraded all along the way
> through 98, 99, 99SE. I will now have a very difficult decision to make.
> In my view Protel has "raised the bar" with ATS, a yearly support fee,
> and the higher prices.  While I might have been willing to dismiss those
> "serious bugs" in past products,  with their lower product costs,  lower
> upgrade fees,  and with the free service packs which were available,  those
> days now seem to be over.
> Bugs which I might have been "willing to live with" in the past,  I
> will no longer be willing to live with.  So,  it is not just the bar
> that has been raised here,  but my expectations have been as well.
> I understand that any significant program will have bugs,  so I don't expect
> them all to be gone.  But the most serious ones,  they had better be.  No GPF's,
> Page Faults, Assertion Errors,  or other major crashes like that are going to be
> acceptable to me now.  None.  Zero.  Nada.
> No possible corruption of work.
> And the new router,  that had better rock too.
> And I *will* need to see *proof* in the way of a working demo first.
> If I can get that much I *may* be happy (If ATS "went away",  I would
> be happy),  otherwise I've got much better uses for *my* $2K..
> Altium/Protel needs to do an *above average* and very thorough job in
> it's beta test program of DXP this time.  As you see,  my standards are
> higher now.
> ---Phil

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