I agree totally. I 'ripped off' a copy of the OrCAD schematic software from
university (about 10 years ago - it was the DOS SDT III package). OrCAD, in
their (now long gone!) wisdom, while dongle protecting the PCB module,
didn't protect the schematic module. Consequently it was ripped off not only
by myself but by many of my fellow students. I used it at home, and when I
got a job I recommended that we buy the package (including the PCB module).
Then I got another job, and did the same! Then 'upgraded' to the Windows
package. Never used the Windows package though, as the DOS one couldn't be
beaten for the work I was doing. Anyway, as I hated OrCAD Layout with a
passion, I stuck with the DOS one until I got a 'ripped off' Protel 98, to
use at home. When DOS OrCAD was no longer very usable at work (VESA video
causing too many problems on NT systems) I trialled P99SE, and then bought
it. So, as a result of my ripping off OrCAD schematic, over $15,000 dollars
was spent with them (also bought the PLD package). My advice to Protel -
Make the schematic module non-copy protected, and wait a few years for the
money to come back in!


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If Altium was really smart, they would offer a free version of the schematic
tool.  Since most of us uber-designers still need the PCB tool, this would
not cannibalize their sales of the full package.  It would probably boost
sales of it once the schematic-only people decide to start designing PCBs.
It would be almost zero cost on Altium's part to do this, since they have
already written the schematic tool.  Altium, are you listening?...

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