i started a thread earlier and did a lot of research on the feasibility
of writing out protel schematics as orcad schematics
(since you can read orcad schematics it seems like a reasonable
expectation doesn't it?)

the short answer is that you can't

the longer answer is as follows:
you can save as the older orcad sdt but this is probably not worthwhile
unless you have orcad libs with everything just as it was in the protel

you cannot save as orcad dsn format, they just don't offer it

there are no translators available for love or money that i could find
after doing a fair bit of research

the EDIF process does not work at all, at least for me

if anybody can contradict any of the above and would care to tell us
about it i would be eager to hear about it

it would be most valuable to me to be able to save protel schematics out
as orcad dsn files since they are much more widely used than protel

Dennis Saputelli

Phillip Stevens wrote:
> DS> what do you mean by 'assertion error' ?
> Sorry,  I should have said "Access Violation" here.
> For Example,  here is the PCB Wizard bug:
>  Create a new PCB using the PCB wizard.
>  Set Boundary layer,  in the first dialog box  to: None
>  Pick all remaining defaults in all the remaining dialog boxes.  (just say
>  next, continue, or finish till you get a PCB,  or an error...)
>  I get an access violation at 004FE1C8 in CSRTL.DPL,  exception occurred in
>  ClientCreateNewDocument,  when I do this.
>  Yes,  doing this was probably silly.  (I was attempting to reduce the
>  number of objects that might have shown up later in a DXF file,  at the
>  time I discovered this.)
> DS> i do the board copy and paste frequently
> DS> once or twice it did go to lala land on the selection stage but it works
> DS> 99% for me
> In my case,  it appeared to do the copy,  but it generated an Access
> Violation in the process.
> I was trying to copy and paste from the current PCB document,  into a
> New PCB document to generate a new rev of the (same) PCB design,  at the
> time.
> DS> when you say writing it out as orcad format, what exactly do you mean?
> When you do "save copy as",  there is a pull down menu in the dialog
> boxes for the file format the file is to be saved in,  one of the options
> here is Orcad.  (others are EDIF,  and different versions of Protel,  and a few
> others)
> DS> it won't write dsn files, do you mean SDT format ?
> Not sure as I don't have or use Orcad.  I was just trying to write out
> some kind of an Orcad file,  that an Orcad user could later read in.
> btw: I have since discovered Cadence/Orcad has an EDIF I/O add on utility
> to Orcad CIS up on their web site. I haven't tried this possible path from
> Protel to Orcad yet.  It might be a way.
> DS> and that save copy as of a schem then trashed the DDB ?
> Yes,  it's repeatable,  I've done it at least twice now.

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