DS> dream on Phil
Dreams are a good thing,  they get you to where you want to be.

DS> with that caveat stated let us recall the history of Protel

DS> every so many years (4 or 5 ?) they start all over
DS> the first releases of the new one are totally screwed
DS> they fix it, they fix it, they do a minor start over then they 
DS> fix it and fix it until it is pretty good stuff and cruise for 
DS> a few years

Yes,  that behavior is the history.  And I hope it is just

Look at it this way:  even _after_ the 6 service packs,  I have a
product which:

- Has a major crash with a corrupted user library.
- I suspect it has caused the corruption in that user library.
- Fails to tell me the user library is corrupted.
- Lost me a day and a half at a critical time,  finding this problem.
- Gives an assertion error when a board is selected,  copied and
pasted.  (A simple 1" x .8" 4 layer board)
- Gives an assertion error from the Board Wizard,  when one of the
checkboxes is not checked (board outline I think it was,  but I haven't
tried this in awhile).
- Fails to "save copy as" overwriting (and corrupting) the original
DDB,  when writing it out in Orcad file format.

Some of these (at least to me) would seem to be pretty serious.

Is it too much to ask for some additional Design Review of the Code.

Is it too much to ask to maybe run Bounds Checker,  and fix anything
it finds?

Is it too much to ask for 2-3 days (or even a week) of some
Programmer's time to clean some of these things up?  It would only
make the product more stable,  more marketable,  crash less,  have
fewer support issues.  I don't get it.  Why not do it?  It's dumb not

Getting me to buy into ATS,  pay more money, go to a yearly update
support plan,  give up the free service packs,  AND continue to live
with these kinds of problems,  now _that's_ dreaming......


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