Well, I tried this patch, I even had both your patch bars AND the Placement Tools and 
PCBtoolbar boxes into the active PCB area, and tried various placement combinations.

ALL resulted on little to NO difference.  Mouse still locks up for several seconds, or 
until primitives start to be displayed.

Maybe my problem is that I am still using P98 (W2K).

The solution still seems simple.  Protel obviously is able to sense when there are no 
primitives to be updated on the screen - it takes the same amount of time to update 
one small primitive as it does to update a screen full, and the problem arises when 
this primitive update section is not called, and some buffer is almost instantly 
filled with new scrolled screen frames (that take no time to generate), and we are 
left helplessly waiting for this buffer to empty.  Merely introduce a user tunable 
delay between screen transfer updates when there are no primitives.

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>Where is there more detail about this fix?
>I tried moving both my Placement Tools and PCBtoolbar box into my work area.  I also 
>tried having my Windows Task Manager always on
top in >my work area.  Each produced little or no change.
>Am I missing something, or is there detail somewhere else that I can be referred to?
>I assume we are talking about the problem when panning off the edge of the board and 
>some buffer gets filled up producing a
'locked' condition >where the buffer has to be emptied before your mouse movement is 
seen or responded to.  I made several remarks
how this could be remedied by >Protel during a discussion several years ago.

If you want, my patch is here, copy this link into your internet explorer address bar:

Take the "ProtelAutopanPatch.zip" file.  Read the readme file inside the zip & look at 
the example placement picture.

If you system is slow, the panning will become more chunky, but the mouse will never 
get stuck when panning over a blank area of you
circuit board.

If your system is fast, there should be no change in the panning performance, except 
that again, the mouse will no longer get stuck
at any time.

I you use just my horizontal patch & un-dock Protel's tolls so that the cover as much 
vertical PCB area as possible on one side,
again, this should almost eliminate the sticking of the mouse pointer.

Brian Guralnick
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