Anand Kulkarni wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I am a Graduate student and I am currently working on designing a PCB for a Xilinx 
> I have started using Protel-99-SE trial version for the same.
> Recently I noticed that the support site of Protel offers 2 documents to ATS members 
>(altium total support) members which I might have use for.
> Now I think it may be unethical but still I think I need these 2 application notes.I 
>was hoping somebody in this group who is also an ATS member could help me out with 
>this.They ask for a valid 9-digit Serial (License) Number .
> The document names are :
> 1) Attributes for FPGA Devices and
> 2) Protel DXP & Xilinx Interface

I have tried to make Protel 99SE work for Xilinx FPGAs, but never had any luck.  I
sent a number of messages to Protel (now Altium) support, but they were not able
to provide any help.  I have corresponded with several people who also tried this,
and none of us ever got it to work for FPGAs.  I think it can be made to work for
the CPLD parts with some difficulty.  The problems I ran into were that the
schematic library parts for the FPGAs were automatically converted from some
other format, and a systematic error left connection dots off nearly all the clock
lines.  So, you get a raft of FF without clock errors.  Also, after getting past that, 
XNF files that would be needed to pass the hdl description to Xilinx's tools were
not acceptable to the Xilinx programs.  I sent the syntax error messages to Protel,
but they never responded.

The first document you mention may apply to both P99 and DXP, but the 2nd article is 
for DXP, and probably won't help you with P99.

I am the registered contact for TWO fully licensed P99SE sites, but I can't get into
these documents, either!  They promised they would not abrogate their agreement
to continue to support P99SE users who bought before the advent of ATS, but that
is apparently not true.  I guess you have to plead your case.  We all know how
responsive Altium has been!


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