I'm sorry, but you are wrong, or at least you are making a huge oversight.

You forget that text with an overbar has to be drawn after the text is
pasted. Apart from
strike-out there is no other feature in a printer driver for aligning a
drawn line with a
piece of text.

The position, width and length of the line has to be calculated based on the
font metrics for the current
font with the given scale, resolution etc.  

So, after being given information about capabilities and metrics of the
current printer from the driver,
Protel is probably simply doing the sums wrong!!

Perhaps this is a variable overflow or a miscalculation, who know what? It
could be something stupid,
like ignoring printers with odd resolutions/dpi or perhaps assuming page

This explains why its only text size based lines that are wrong, others are
just printer dpi based and come out right.

This would also explain why print preview works.  As the font information
from the screen is probably correct.
Its only variables being resolution and pixels/inch.

Changing the settings of the printer driver will change the capabilities
metrics and hence the way Protel prints.

Its probably the assumption that 'if you can screen preview then print WILL
work' that has made this simple
error continue to exist.


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If changing drivers fixes it, then it's NOT Protel's problem.  Similarly, if
changing printer settings fixes it, it's NOT Protel's problem.

The problem may only appear in Protel because it might use unusual
parameters or unusual series of calls to the printer driver.  The
application code in a Windows program that does the printing is very similar
to the code that drives the display, and is basically independent of which
printer (or printer driver) is selected.  An application's code (e.g.,
Protel) will (typically) do the exact same series of calls (to the Window's
print interface) whether it's printing to Acrobat, or a PCL printer, or a
Postscript printer.  It's up to the printer driver to generate the
corresponding output (PDF, PCL, or Postscript).

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> Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 1:22 AM
> Protel say its the printer drivers fault (but no other program produces
> wierd output).  I gave up a long time ago expecting Protel to fix 99se
> It seems to happen more prevelenty in PCL6, though i've seen it with PCL5.
> The solution is to go to printer settings | print quality | Graphics Mode
> and set to to 'raster' also set halftone to 'Protographic Image'.
> If this does not work, try a different PCL5 driver for your printer, there
> is often more than one.

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