The only thing I could relate to with demolishing a DDB architecture is that
there is alot of data management under this regime. Thus, there is
associated software complexity and design risk. For the end user, the
corruption of a DDB has the potential to destroy an entire project. To
counter this complaint, I have personally not had any significant DDB

Within DXP, there seems to have been hell of a swerve in the direction of
PCAD. Having an Accel/Tango/PCAD origin within this company, I have seen the
forces of good and evil do battle. The thing about swerves is that there is
often a chance for over recovery. Killing the DDB format and not using it as
a 'Save As' feature is one of them. This does present the opportunity for 'a
dark horse' to come out of the pack and steal Altium's entire user base. A
company just needs to offer adequate import capabilties and service its
clients basis.

If I were an Altium product line manager, I would seriously consider
gathering a small team of programmers together to offer ATS support to those
that wish to continue on using 99SE. Call it legacy support, for that
matter. Asking for service pack 7 for nothing is asking alot for a very
mature product. To put it bluntly, there seems to be alot of pissed off
people within this forum and alot of windows are opening up to go elsewhere.

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