On 04:49 PM 9/10/2002 -0400, Jun Gong said:
>I wish to flip the board: ( Top compoents go to bottom, and bottom
>components come up to top,  the wires should be flipped and linked to the
>original positions, wire layers should be also changed as well.)  I have
>spent more than a hour on it, but still have no circuitous way to do it.
>It seems an impossible task in Protel. So I have to re-route the thousands
>wires. Does any body know other software can do it? Maybe I could do a
>export-flip-import game.

No, P99SE does *not* support this kind of flip.

Using the 'L' key while you are doing a Move-Selection (with everything 
selected) does *not* work.  You may have found out already what sort of 
mess you end up with. Components are flipped in place becoming divorced 
from their tracks etc.

Geoff Harland and myself started writing an add-on server to do an 
inversion (as we decided to call it) on a PCB.  For a number of reasons, 
not the least being issues with the undo stack, a bug when moving large 
selections and other issues (such as our inability to figure out how to 
programmatically extract and set some layer pair info) - as well as lack of 

This software was released as a limited beta at one stage (time limited) 
with a number of significant limitations.

It did however invert the major object types including tracks, components, 
pads, vias, arcs, fills, polygons - it did not invert rules and some other 
stuff as well.

It allowed flipping over a defined line that could be vertical, horizontal, 
45 rising, 45 falling and even an arbitrary angle (interesting effects and 
why would you want it?).

It may be possible to extract the old source and see where we got to and 
maybe do a release as is.  But when we asked for assistance in testing this 
server a long time ago we got very little (if any) feedback.  So despite it 
being a hot topic of discussion at the time it seems it was actually of 
little importance to users.

I just tested using the 'L' key in DXP - it works heaps better. I have only 
given a brief go but it is looking much better than P99SE.

Ian Wilson

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