On 02:39 PM 9/10/2002 -0700, JaMi Smith said:
>Select everything on the top layer (including all traces and components,
>Use E C (Edit Copy) and click on your reference point to set the reference
>point of the copy.
>Turn the bottom layer back on.
>Make the bottom layer the active layer.
>Use E A (Edit Paste Special) to copy the array, and "check off" the boxes in
>the Paste Special Dialogue for "Paste on current layer", "Keep net name",
>and "Duplicate designator", and then click on the "Paste" button.
>Hit "x" on your keyboard to flip the array.
>You will get a warning message that says "Warning: you are attempting to
>flip a component to the same side of the board . . . ", but remember, we
>changed from the top layer of the board to the bottom layer of the board, so
>we really are not on the same layer anymore, so where it says "Do you want
>to continue?", click on the "Yes" button.


I assume you did not test this.

Issue 1) with paste on current layer turned off the entities will be pasted 
onto their current layers.

Issue 2) assuming you meant that paste on current layer a should be 
checked, this is a great way of getting the components mixed up.  Their 
graphics end up on the top layers abut the component is stated to be on the 
bottom layer.  As well the component is upside down.  It would be OK if you 
get the graphics to the bottom layer as well.

I would warn anybody against using the stated method without doing their 
own testing.  My testing showed it failed - as was my expectation.

I repeat - P99SE does not allow a board to be flipped as delivered - an 
add-on server is required (not available to my knowledge apart from Geoff 
and mine ex-attempt). DXP does better.

(My main reason for commenting on this process is not to have a go at 
anybody but since there is an archive of this forum we do have to make sure 
we correct and update incorrect or untested techniques.)

Ian Wilson

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