Flipping a PCB in Protel 99SE can't not be done with a single push of a
But it's not that hard to do. It's really only a 4 or 5 step process and
should take 
no more that 15 minutes to perform.

You will need to do this in steps, but its much like converting Gerber
files into real PCBs.

If you first select all of your components, via global edit, then copy
these off to the clipboard. To do this, pick a good reference point when
you do the EDIT/COPY.
You should then be able to paste these components down outside of the
current design, let's say to
The right side of your current PCB. But instead of using a standard
paste, use Paste Special under the edit menu.- in this dialog, select
Duplicate Designators only and disable all of the other options.

Now perform the PASTE option at the bottom of the dialog and while you
have the new selection attached to your cursor, (all of the components
attached to your cursor), hit the "x" key to first mirror all of the
components in the selection, now before you put them down, hit the "L"
key to flip all components in the selection to the bottom layer.

Now a similar process can be done with the tracks on the top layer.
Globally select the tracks on the top layer, and perform a Copy and
Paste Special - selecting both options, "ON CURRENT LAYER" option, and
the "KEEP NET NAME" option, but make sure that you are active on the
bottom layer first when you do this. Now while the tracks (in the large
selection window) are attached to our cursor, simply hit the "X" key to
mirror the tracks, and now paste them down on the same reference point
that you used to copy and paste the components.

Repeat this step for the bottom layer tracks from the original PCB and
your done.

The final step will be to delete the original PCB, but that's the simple

Hope this helps.

Just to let you know, I just did this exact procedure on an existing
design in Protel 99SE. So I know it can be done this easy.

Best Regards,
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I wish to flip the board: ( Top compoents go to bottom, and bottom
components come up to top,  the wires should be flipped and linked to
the original positions, wire layers should be also changed as well.)  I
have spent more than a hour on it, but still have no circuitous way to
do it. It seems an impossible task in Protel. So I have to re-route the
thousands wires. Does any body know other software can do it? Maybe I
could do a export-flip-import game.



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Generally all that you can do in Protel are the flipping and turning you
can do with a completed pwb with your hands. If you wish to move left to
right and right to left, while keeping the components on the top side,
you'll need to re-route. John

Jun Gong wrote:

> Hi, Any one knows how to flip a board in Protel?
> I want to turn the direction of a pre-routed PCB (  the left side will

> be
> right side and right side will be at the left, just like I hold a 
> piece of PCB board in hand and turn it ).
> I selected the PCB board, then press X key, Protel prompts that it 
> will
> the board in the same layer, so wires are kept in the original layer 
> and compoent footprints are flipped but keep in the original layer.
> I can not use "L" key, because a lot of wires and components are 
> selected.
> Anyone has a solution?
> Thanks a lot.
> Jun

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