I'll send you a copy of the Surface Mount board that I performed the
steps I mentioned in my e-mail to Jun and it
Will work find, and it can be manufactured.

Best Regards,
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On 03:41 PM 9/10/2002 -0700, Rick Wilson (Protta) said:
>Flipping a PCB in Protel 99SE can't not be done with a single push of a

>button, But it's not that hard to do. It's really only a 4 or 5 step 
>process and should take
>no more that 15 minutes to perform.
>You will need to do this in steps, but its much like converting Gerber 
>files into real PCBs.
>If you first select all of your components, via global edit, then copy 
>these off to the clipboard. To do this, pick a good reference point 
>when you do the EDIT/COPY. You should then be able to paste these 
>components down outside of the current design, let's say to
>The right side of your current PCB. But instead of using a standard
>paste, use Paste Special under the edit menu.- in this dialog, select
>Duplicate Designators only and disable all of the other options.
>Now perform the PASTE option at the bottom of the dialog and while you 
>have the new selection attached to your cursor, (all of the components 
>attached to your cursor), hit the "x" key to first mirror all of the 
>components in the selection, now before you put them down, hit the "L" 
>key to flip all components in the selection to the bottom layer.


This leaves complex (anything other than trivial) components in an 
unmanufacturable state.

Do this with a SO/TQFP even a SOT-23 package and you will find that you 
have to mount the chip upside down to make the pin numbers match.

Have you ever built and tested a board where you have used the X key to 
flip a component?

A BGA would be mighty interesting!  With smaller SO pkgs you can mount
upsidedown and force the leads down - at least for the botched 
prototype.  Not so easy on the botched proto with a BGA.

Ian Wilson

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