The Protel SDK is implemented with Delphi run time packages.  This allows
controlled access to a part of the internal structure of Protel 99SE without
requiring access to its (proprietary) source code.  Packages are chunks of
compiled code that are similar to ordinary Windows dll's but with additional
object oriented class information.  This gives the ability to access the
object oriented structures (e.g. pads, tracks, text, etc.) contained in a
design.  These pre-compiled run time packages are Delphi compiler version
specific.  A package which was compiled with Delphi 5 cannot be accessed
from external code that was compiled with Delphi 6.
The Protel 98/99 SDK was originally compiled with Delphi 3.  Protel 99SE, at
one point, had both Delphi 3 and Delphi 5 versions but the Dephi 3 version
was later discontinued.  This means that you MUST use Delphi 5 for any
Protel 99SE server development.
Protel DXP appears to have been written with Delphi 6 but an SDK for DXP has
not (yet?) been made available so, at the present time, you cannot write
servers for it anyway.  If the SDK for DXP is implemented in the same way as
it was for 99SE, you would need the matching Delphi version for server

John Williams

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> Ian,
> I did go thru all of the PEDA and PDEV Archives that I have avaiable to me
> here on this system (back to 9/12/01), and did note that several posts did
> mention that D6 would not work for P99, but that also it appears that D6
> what DXP is written in.
> I am wondering just what the problem is, and whether or not it may be
> possible to get a re-compile out of Sidney which would work on D6
> less work than SP7).
> On the other hand, I wonder if D7 may work whareas D6 did not. To this
> extent, I thought about downloading the free Trial Version, but I realize
> that it would take me more that the 30 days just to learn enough of both
> SDK and Delphi to be able to put the thing to the test, and see whether it
> would handle the compiled libraries.
> Is there some specific thing that D6 won't handle, that could be checked
> on D7?
> I ran into this same kind of problem once before with Borland with Turbo
> Version 2 versus Version 3 with some compiled libraries, but eventially
> found that while they would not work from the "integrated environment",
> could in fact be used with the "command line" Version of the newer
> I am wondering if the problem with Version 6 might not be something like
> that.
> I guess that I just have to start crusing Ebay looking for D5.
> Does anyone know of any other soruces for used / recycled software?.
> Anyway, thanks for your input,
> JaMi

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