Earth to PEDA!

Earth to PEDA!

Either I am lost in space, which is quite possible, or the PEDA List Server

I sent the following post to the PEDA Forum, and was supprised to not get
any replies.

Then I noticed that the list seems to have slown down to a crawl, with only
a very few posts showing up, and I thought my ISP must have lost all of my
mail again (which they do on a regular basis), so I logged onto Yahoo!
Groups and checked the PEDA Archive, and lo and behold, it only shows
postings up to October 17th.

Has the world come to an end?

Did I miss the meltdown?

Anyway, I am reposting this in hope that I can get some responses.



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Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 8:02 AM
Subject: [PEDA] SDK and Delphi Questions

So now that I am actually seriously thinking about tinkering aroud with the
Protel 99 SE SDK, I guess it is time go out and buy some version of Borland
Delphi, which I understand is necessary to use the SDK.

What is Borland Delphi? I asked one person and they told me it was "kind of
like Visual Basic". I am totally clueless on this one (and a few other
things), so any help in attempting to get started here would be greatly

OK, so I do a search on Borland Delphi on the net, and I come up with at
many different versions and with prices all over the map:

Delphi 7 Studio Professional Upgrade - $289

Delphi 7 Studio Professional Academic - $96

Delphi 7 Studio Enterprise Upgrade - $1569

Delphi 7 Studio Enterprise New User - $2700

Delphi Studio Professional 7 Full Product - $893

Delphi 7 Personal Full Product - $87

Delphi Studio 7 Academic - $389

Needless to say, I don't want to buy more than I need, and at the same time
I certainly don't want to go out and buy something that is not going to do
the job.

I even have a question in my mind as to whether or not the SDK modules might
be designed for and work better with an older version of the product, as I
have run into this sort of thing before. Should I be looking for version 5
on Ebay or something?

On the other hand, does anyone have any idea what I will need for the DXP
SDK if and when it ever shows up? According to Murphy's Law it will probably
be different.


JaMi Smith

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