Start out with a shematic you already finished.  lets say the schematic, had
an SN74LS04 with  one footprint assigned to in a LS schematic lib.  The
footprint for this part was named  SOIC14.  Now change SOIC14 to something
like SOIC-14,  update the schematic from the lib.  ( or globally change
SOIC14 to SOIC-14 in schematic) .  When you look at the footprints for this
part on the schematic,  now it will still have the old SOIC14 along with
SOIC-14 as a second choice.  I didnt follow schematic bugs before, I am sure
this had been reported long ago.

sounds like it might be fixed,  this was really important for us

Mike Reagan

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        I have seen some messages previously about this footprint updating
issue, but I have never experienced it myself. How does it manifest itself?
I commonly overwrite default footprints in the footprint field but have
never had footprints change back to the default one on the list upon
updating PCBs. (i.e. my resistor sch symbol contains 0603(default), 0805,
1206 & 1812 footprints. I commonly these days change the footprint
semi-manually to 0402, it never changes back upon updating the PCB. Same
with monolithic caps.) I am mystified when it comes to this complaint. Can
you tell me exactly what steps will produce this issue, then maybe I can
understand why I don't see this issue?

Brad Velander.

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> Ian,
> Very happy to see they are REALLY looking
> hard at the Library Update capabilities.
> That was a very very big sore spot for me,
> with 99SE. I was really hoping they would
> do much more with it. How they ultimately
> handle that will be a major part of decision
> to go DXP or something else. I wish they
> really do stop the update from putting the
> footprint listed for the symbol back on the board
> the alternate footprint list should be truly intelligent.
> If the footprint is one listed in the symbol as an alternate
> then please leave it on the board. Also being able
> to update all footprint in a design from libs would be a plus.
> Also having that mechanical layer pair was big,
> in all honesty the amount of work to produce
> a proper 2 sided assembly dwg in 99SE was WAY too
> much work and would have also been a major
> consideration for not going to DXP if
> that was not there.
> Bob Wolfe

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