reading your answer to Bob it seemed to me we had close views on several points.

To answer the question: "Why did you need to do the update at this time if you didn't 
want to see
any change?" The changes in sch libarary components we do are mostly to manage the 
schematics themselves, like graphical symbol, pinout, etc, to make schematics more 
readable. Footprints are not expected to be managed in this manner. As said in my 
previous post, one can have a default footprint for a component. That footprint does 
not necessarily have to be used in every case. We often find that the four default 
footprints is somewhat limiting number in the design automation process. To manage the 
footprint assignments through the schematic library in P99SE would be of little 
benefit in my opinion. Although, I understand what you are talking about, and that 
would be mostly applicable to components with only one default footprint assigned. So 
if you update such a component you might expect the footprint info to be updated as 
well. We don't have many of those, but we all have our individual techniques and 
others may do it in a different way.

When you say you are linked, what exactly do you mean?

Hope you have a good one, too.


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        I guess that you have seen Bob's detailed explanation of his issue.
Not what I expected nor what it seems you would have expected either. 

        As for your comments below I can understand your view, it doesn't
match with mine because my question would be: "If you updated the symbol
from the library, what change would you expect?" You would state, " Nothing
to the existing design, possible options in the footprint list." I would ask
"Why did you need to do the update at this time if you didn't want to see
any change?"

        Thus if I update from the library, I want a new virgin symbol or
part. I don't want some kludge of the old and the new that can get too
messy. Then again, I don't drive my symbol details manually, I'm linked.

        Have a good one Igor.

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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] 10 best options I want
> Brad, Mike
> Let's say a cap is associated with one of the footprints 
> apart from those four and the sch component is changed in a 
> library and then you update component from the library, what 
> happens? In my system, the footprint info is preserved, which 
> is what I prefer. If I want to change the footprint info then 
> the component's footprint field in the sch will produce an 
> updated list, according to updated library component, to 
> choose from. I would not like to have to change manually all 
> the different capacitors if the library component was changed. 
> Regards,
> Igor

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