Well, it may come down to how Protel
actually defines "Update Footprint"
IMHO that verbage should mean update
the footprint to what is currently in the library
for that footprint. I guess Protel's definition of
this is change the footprint on the pcb to what
the schematic symbol calls out for, and don't
pay any attention to the fact that there may be 2 or
more alternates that could be used.
(I could be wrong but I think I've seen do some
updates but not all, not really sure though) had to go
and do all footprints I know changed indivually
from the libray side.

Well, basically in th eprocess of using synchronize function to
update your design you can check update footprints,
first off it will not update all of the footprints at once
with changes made in library footprints (unless I totally
misunderstand what update means by Protel see above) but what it
does do is change all footprints to the ones specified in
their symbol. i.e. the one shown as first in pulldown of
list of footprints if there are more than one. The system is not
intelligent enough to know there are more than one legal
footprint for a part.

Yes you can change the footprint in the PCB and
backannotate to schematic so this new footprint will
be first and then there after used. But I heard many times
on this forum backannotate was not a good thing
always drive it forward from schematic. Which
then would mean one has to go back to schematic
to make change them re-sync every time.

But it seems to me  that it would be alot easier if you can define up front
in your library (one time) what possible footprints can
be used by a particular symbol/part and once done
there could be a pulldown list on BOTH schematic AND
PCB to choose a footprint from an alternate list. Then
the system should be intelligent enough to know
if a footprint on the PCB is on list in symbol keep it on the board.
Also if there were a way to actually update ALL the footprints
in a design to latest in library in one shot, with the ability to control
it somewhat just like update list of changes from design iterations
in synchronize.

So what your saying is if you change a footprint on the fly
in the PCB and do not change the schematic symbol to reflect that
footprint, or do not run a backannoptate to change that footprint
in symbol, the next time you run sync with update footprint checked
it keeps footprint changed in board??????

Exactly what is that "footprint update" function supposed to do?

Sorry to be a little long winded, I hope I spelled it out OK.
Bob Wolfe.

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> Bob,
> I have seen some messages previously about this footprint updating
> issue, but I have never experienced it myself. How does it manifest
> I commonly overwrite default footprints in the footprint field but have
> never had footprints change back to the default one on the list upon
> updating PCBs. (i.e. my resistor sch symbol contains 0603(default), 0805,
> 1206 & 1812 footprints. I commonly these days change the footprint
> semi-manually to 0402, it never changes back upon updating the PCB. Same
> with monolithic caps.) I am mystified when it comes to this complaint. Can
> you tell me exactly what steps will produce this issue, then maybe I can
> understand why I don't see this issue?
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> >
> >
> > Ian,
> > Very happy to see they are REALLY looking
> > hard at the Library Update capabilities.
> > That was a very very big sore spot for me,
> > with 99SE. I was really hoping they would
> > do much more with it. How they ultimately
> > handle that will be a major part of decision
> > to go DXP or something else. I wish they
> > really do stop the update from putting the
> > footprint listed for the symbol back on the board
> > the alternate footprint list should be truly intelligent.
> > If the footprint is one listed in the symbol as an alternate
> > then please leave it on the board. Also being able
> > to update all footprint in a design from libs would be a plus.
> > Also having that mechanical layer pair was big,
> > in all honesty the amount of work to produce
> > a proper 2 sided assembly dwg in 99SE was WAY too
> > much work and would have also been a major
> > consideration for not going to DXP if
> > that was not there.
> > Bob Wolfe
> >

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