Cntl-Del will do nothing by itself, if nothing is "selected", but Cntl-Del
should delete all "selected" items in 99SE PCB.

Try again using Edit > Select > Outside Area, and then enclosing the PCB,
dimensions, title block, notes, etc. (everything you want to save). This
should "select" everything outside the "enclosed area", which includes the
via or whatever it is out to the left off screen that you can't get to. Then
once those things are "selected", then do your Cntl-Del to delete everything

You might experiment by copying a via or two or some other junk off to the
right side of the design somewhere, outside of the "enclosed area", and
trying the above procedure just to make sure it deletes that junk. If not,
you either got a real problem with your database, or your install.

Cntl-Del is a "keyboard shortcut" key combination, and should work unless
for some reason you are loosing some or all of your "keyboard shortcut"
keys. I hate to bring up an old issue, but this is just what happened with
the old "wheel mouse" issue, where the second you touched the wheel, all of
the "keyboard shortcuts" went "south for the winter". It may well be that
you are loosing some or all of your "keyboard shortcuts" for yet another
P99SE problem.

Or is it possible that you have "customized" your own "Shortcut Table", and
somehow  lost or reassigned the Cntl-Del functionality? Check to make sure
that you still have "PCB:Clear" assigned to "Ctrl+Delete", as Protel calls

If all else fails here, you might just want to "select" everything that you
want to keep, and copy it into a new database, just to see if that fixes the


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> JaMi,
> Well doing the cntrl delete did not work (unless there is again
> something diff. about how to do a cntrl delete with Protel)
> In other words can I use the keyboard delete key or do I need the
> scizzors icon.
> Either way though that did not seem to work, however
> (and I hated to do this) but if I select all and move the entire
> design to upper right space yes the via does come into view to delete.
> But I did get another exception error on the related to the
> move. Still most likely do to the poly plane. I did say no to rebuild
> after the move but still got the error.
> After I really get rid of that via ( it did have a net associated with it
> too)
> I will delete and redo planes to see if error goes away.
> Because as it stand now any time you do anything that affects
> that plane by a move or etc it gives me an exception error.
> Gerbers seem OK all else seems OK though.
> Over the next few days I will take a closer look.
> This was actually another designers job, I need to get another
> design out before I tackle really trying to solve this problem.
> I will post as to the ultimate outcome.
> Bob


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