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> This would confirm it for me, I was not really 100% sure I needed
> to remove the big plane first for editing inner planes or whether it
> was a problem with my system.
> But the above 1&2 would then imply if I need to change
> one of the small-inner pours I really do need to delete the outer first
> then fix inner and fill it, then replace outer and fill it.
> Usually the outer is an easy shape to recreate so this
> should be less work than dealing with multiple planes
> to fix one small inner plane.
> If the big one is gone while editing the inners ones
> it does seem to work very well.

Respecting whether or not you need to delete or move a "big plane" or "outer
plane" so that you can work on some area, either an "inner plane" in your
case, or simply some traces or component placements or something similar, I
have found the following little "trick" very effective.

Notwithstanding that there is a "plow through planes" option somewhere, when
I am working with a Polygon Plane on a signal layer, and I temporarily need
some "space" around the area that I am working so that I can move or add
something, or do some other editing, I simply "select" a "track" segment of
some different net than the Polygon that is in the area on the same layer,
and temporarily change its width to gargantuian, say 500 mils or 1000 mils.
I then "repour" the large Polygon, which will now "repour" around the large
track segment. I then go back and reset the track segment to it's original
size, and this gives me a large open hole in the middle of the Polygon Plane
where I can now work unobstructed. When I am all done, I do a final "repour"
of the original Polygon which will now fill in around the area that I was
working in.

While this may sound like a lot of work or steps, it really isn't, and it
opens up the Polygon so that I can work on it where I need to, and also see
things on other layers that woulf otherwise be obscured, and it should also
work well for your situation of a small inner Polygon Plane also.

Hope this is of help,


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