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> JaMi wrote
> "And speaking of Protel "reliability", I am not quite sure what exactly
> ment in his earlier post respecting "an exception error about a .dll with
> respect to pcb" which he thought was related to the Polygon Plane, and
> apparently no one has really addressed, and just where that plugs into the
> who issue of Polygon Planes and "reliability"."
> Well Guys,
> I am still getting that error on this one design. It is an exception error
> and a .dll is mentioned. Can't actually say whether it is related to the
> polygon
> filled plane. But whenever there is an attempt to rebuild the large one
> error
> shows up. It can be ignored or close the application. I can capture the
> exact text of the error tomorrow as I do not have that design home at this
> time.
> I was just trying to see if I was missing a step that needed to be done,
> or if there might be other issues at play. I will try to spend a bit more
> time with that design tomorrow to possibly shed some more light
> on this error.
> It cropped up again because the footprints needed to be unlocked
> to take care of assembly drawing, an dwhen that is done it wants
> to rebuild check everything so the error comes back.
> Thanks
> Bob

It sounds like you may be having some of the same types of crash that have
always plagued me in Protel with large Polygon Planes, except that you are
getting an "exception" error message, whereas on my system, Protel would
just lock up the system and go "south for the winter", forcing me to reboot,
which sometimes meant actually pulling the plug out of the wall.

The first thing I would ask, is what type of system and what version of
"Windoze" are you using.

The second thing, and this actually may be more important, is what are the
"Plane Settings" set at in your Polygon Plane "Dialogue Box"?

If your "Grid Size", "Track Width", and "Minimum Primitive Size", are all
set too small, then the actual number of actual little primitives in the
Polygon Plane can actually become so massive, that Protel appears to become
completely overwhelmed, and crashes as a result.

These "sizes" of the individual primitives, and their resultant number, also
can sometimes make Protel "appear to go south", even to the point of "Not
Responding" in the "Task Manager" (possibly dependant on version of
Windoze), when in reality it is just "temporarily lost in space" doing
calculations on the massive number of little goodies in the Plane, and given
enough time, Protel has actually been known to have returned from such
excursions, on occasion. However, if you get an error message, you can be
sure it has no intention of returning from being "spaced out".

Try making the "Track Width" a little larger, with the "Grid Size" just a
few mils smaller than the "Track Width". I typically use a "Track Width" of
20, and a "Grid Size" of 15. This may not be optimal, but it works on most
of my Planes, although you may need to experiment with even larger numbers
to see what works for you.

You might actually want to use some real large numbers, including trying a
"Grid Size" that is larger than your "Track Width", just to see how it
affects your getting the "exception" error, and then optimize things if that
resolves the problem.

I am curious to know if this will help.


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