Hi Brad, 
 I have to do multi-sheet schematics often and had to figure out a way to do
this as well. The method I use is not too complicated. 
I create a 'dummy' master sheet as the first sheet of the schematic and us
the command Design/Create Symbol from sheet to make a Sheet symbol for each
page of the schematic and place it on the 'dummy' master sheet. This makes
the sheet symbol automatically get filled in with the name of the file for
the sheet it represents so you don't have to enter in manually. 
Then the trick is in selecting the right options in the Design/ Create
Netlist command. I choose the Protel Output format,  the Net Identifier
Scope set to 'Net Labels and Ports Global', the Sheets to Netlist set to
'Active Project' and the check boxes enabled are 'Append sheet numbers to
local nets' and 'Descend into sheet parts'. As soon as you generate the
netlist the Design explorer recognizes that the schematic is a multi sheet
schematic and rearranges the order into a hierarchical order indicating the
dependence of the sheets on the 'Dummy' Master sheet. That seems to work for
me. Hopefully that gets you going. 

Bill Brooks 
"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing
--Chinese Proverb

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Hi all,
        well I finally had to break my normal pattern of flat hierarchy this
morning. I am having difficulties getting sheet symbols to connect to the
subsheet ports. Everything netlists and updates to the PCB just fine except
for the 4 points that connect between sheets. What am I missing here?

I have checked that the ports seem to connect to the wire at the correct
point. This is not the easiest, nor am I sure of this one, because the
electrical snap grid doesn't work consistently. It doesn't always show me
the enlarged dot when I try to connect to the port, sometimes it does but
not always.
I have 4 ports, IP1, OP1, IP2 & OP2.
In my sheet symbol they are set as input, output, input & output
On the subsheet I have the ports set as output, input, output & input
When synchronizing I have ports and nets set to global.

        The only thing that doesn't connect are the 4 port connections. What
am I missing guys?

Brad Velander.

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Norsat International Inc.
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