This can be a bit of a problem.  I get around it usually by creating TWO
components - one of them just the connector pads with a clearly defined
origin on mech or top overlay and the other being the printable outline, on
a mech layer or top overlay as you please, that gives you the perspective
you need for design or manufacturing purposes.  This strategy allows you to
plant the full outline as a 'last stage' job to completing the PCB.

Of course you could just switch OFF component clearance DRC (do it all the
time myself) ... this check feature can be useful on simple boards but is
usually too aggressive (translates to 'primitive') for my liking.  This is
another way of reclaiming the sort of control old blokes like me were
accustomed to having in the Bishop Graphics days.  Don't get me wrong -
wouldn't go back THERE for anything.

Happy new Year

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Hi, I hope you all had a happy Xmas.
I need to place two large components on a pcb that will actually be on
spacers and connected to the main board by short wire links. As the items
are relatively large (one of them is one of those standard 2- or 4-line LCD
modules) the footprint for these will be quite large yet be basically
empty - there will be four spacers, one for each corner, plus a short
multi-way connector. Is there any way of creating this as a component
footprint so that it may be correctly moved and position on the main board
yet still allow Protel to freely place components and tracks in the free
area under these components?

As the position of the spacers relative to the connector is fairly critical
it is preferable that this is one single component.

Best Regards
Laurie Biddulph

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