Good morning, and happy NewYear to all.

I recognise the problem: had a similar thing with an antenna coil myself. Two possible scenarios spring to mind (P99SEsp6):
1) build your display in the library editor with all the bells and wisthles needed just like you would build any other component. Place it on the PCB where it has to be and then explode it into components, don't forget to lock all the individual parts down.
Upside: easy to implement; standardisable footprint.
Downside: if you don't explode the part, no components get placed under it; if you don't lock the primitives, it most likely gets messed up; after exploding hard to move around; _and_ it is not on the BOM.
2) 'build' your component on the PCB with previously built 'components' such as connector and standoffs, then declare these a union.
Upside: even the standoffs make it to the BOM; easy to move around.
Downside: you have to build it every time you use it (although you could use method 1 as a template)

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At 05/01/2004 07:33, Lauri Biddulph wrote:
Hi, I hope you all had a happy Xmas.
I need to place two large components on a pcb that will actually be on spacers and connected to the main board by short wire links. As the items are relatively large (one of them is one of those standard 2- or 4-line LCD modules) the footprint for these will be quite large yet be basically empty - there will be four spacers, one for each corner, plus a short multi-way connector. Is there any way of creating this as a component footprint so that it may be correctly moved and position on the main board yet still allow Protel to freely place components and tracks in the free area under these components?

As the position of the spacers relative to the connector is fairly critical it is preferable that this is one single component.

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