After replicating placement and routing of a
section in the PCB, I'm having problems assigning the
net name to tracks, vias, polygons, etc. from the net
name assigned to the pad it connects to on the new
replicated section.
 I tried John's suggestion and I replicated the
placement of the parts. I also copied the tracks,
polygons, vias, etc. from the original copy to the new
one. So, now I have the original copy routed correctly
with every track, via and polygon assigned to its
correspoding net. And I also have the new copy with
its tracks, vias, etc. but none of these routing
elements have a net assigned. So far, everything ok.

Then, I first tried in the "netlist manager" to
"update free primitives from pads." That messed it all
up, my previous routed section and the new one, both
were assigned a random net name all over (vias,
tracks, everything; it even renamed my part's pins). 

So, then I didn't save those last changes, and back to
the point before using the "netlist manager", I tried
to "Update PCB" from the schematics and I selected the
choice "Assign net to connected copper." (I didn't
generate component or net classes since I already had
them created). Well, it assigned all of the routing to
my Digital ground (DGND), including the original
routing (the one that had a net name already), and it
also renamed the parts' pins to DGND. So, the net
class DGND has all of my parts' pads. The rest of the
net classes are all empty.

Then, I cleared all nets and net classes, and let the
"Update PCB" to create them again, and it did the same
thing. It assigned all my pads and tracks to DGND.

Any suggestions.

Thanks again.


--- "John A. Ross [Design]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Dave
> That's why I mentioned using a sensible grid to snap
> to when placing the
> parts, sorry I missed giving the reason for my
> statement 'use a sensible
> grid' as of course the larger the grid, easier to
> move the parts and
> snap to the grid as the parts are identical they
> will have the same
> origin.
> Always in a hierarchy I have controlled how the
> sheets have been
> annotated, by giving them a separate number
> sequence.
> Perhaps you could manually update the parts with a
> prefix of 1xx on just
> the sheet you want to replicate?
> Look forward to the follow up.
> John

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