On 12:50 AM 31/05/2004, John A. Ross [RSDTV] said:
Its my own limitations, simple.
In Altiums eyes I guess that makes me stupid and not in the user demographic they wish to now

What? You think Altium think is OK to make their customers feel like fools. I hope they don't.

It would not seem like a clever move to me, but I am no great business manager. I think there is more that can be done to make globals easier. Gotta keep hammering away.

In a month or so I may be seeing some long time P99SE users cross over first hand for the first time. I will be interested to see what happens. I will try to observe first and only offer advice after seeing where they go and what happens.

<..snip..>But I would like to put forward, as it seems to be always missed out in such exchanges that the
engine was available, partly, in 99SE under Edit>Query Manager. All that has really happened is that
Altium have allowed user 'open' access to the engine in DXP/2004.

And obviously not provided sufficient simple access to allow users that don't want to use the query system to be as productive.

How often did people need to use the Query Manager? Not very as there were acceptably quick ways of doing it with multiple global selections, I think.

For a user to guess how big an impact this will have on their daily use I suppose they could ask
themselves how often they used the E,Q shortcuts? And how often they could not get 'just exactly'
the type of query they wanted? They might find what took 2 to 4 goes in 99SE would take 1 in 2004.

But the 2004 product is definitely not focussed on the SCH/PCB market anymore, so changes to the IDE
was inevitable. It is more intimidating to find things than use them.

I suspect it may be better to say "definitely not solely focused on the SCH/PCB". There are changes to both that affect designers. Obviously some people don't find them enough to pay for.

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