Hi Walter,

> There was a project getting started late last year called pulpjs that  
> was aiming at this problem. It's sort of a port of Prototype with the  
> following goals: no global namespace pollution, no extensions of  
> native prototypes, and everything is modular and non-dependent. Have a  
> look at their download builder for a hint of what I 
> mean:http://pulpjs.org/downloads/

This is exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately I trust Prototype's
"namebrand" and the quality it provides me. I wish that Prototype
developers will be headed that way in the future, that would
definitely provide coders much-needed flexibility. Cause really it
pains me to have to drop Prototype every time because I can't for the
life of me get it trimmed down under 20kB.

Thanks a lot for the link anyway.

> Note that this is Prototype-like, but not a drop-in replacement.
> Walter
> On Apr 29, 2009, at 4:33 PM, Bertrand wrote:
> > That would indeed be another interesting way of doing it. The only
> > problem is that javascript is often used in environments where
> > filesize is critical. In my case, I only use ONE function from the
> > library, because I've found it to be th best way to achieve what I
> > want to do: Element.update.
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