On Apr 30, 11:54 am, Bertrand <bertrand.char...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Because there's a reason why Prototype, jQuery and the likes have such
> success. It lies in the fact that the developers are very talented and
> provide good code. Unfortunately, I'm kind of new to the whole

Success doesn't always mean quality. Quality is often far from the
main driving force. When it comes to Javascript libraries, ease of
use, documentation quality and "community" play much bigger role in
library's success than the quality of its code. Also don't forget that
libraries that's being around for a (relatively) long time carry a
burden of back-compatibility; If something is known to cause problems
or performs in not the most efficient way, it's not always (if ever)
possible to *just get rid of it*. Prototype.js is also designed in
such way that many of its internals are tightly coupled and rely on
each other. This means that it won't be easy to just "cut" `insert`
method out of the source; you would need to take care of all the
dependencies and branches that it uses.


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