2010/6/15 Christian PERRIER <christian en perrier.eu.org>:
> Quoting Jorge Barreiro (yortx.barry en gmail.com):
>> Hello,

Hello Cristian & Jorge,

>> Is there a kind of "galician translators group" so I can get in touch with
>> them? (I couldn't find any in your links).

Sure, pls check www.trasno.net (recently updated, and short of
experienced sysadmins, so some services like pootle are not working
properly yet).

> Marce did a great job, but apparently reduced his work in the recent
> months.

Yes, exactly six months and four days ago. Now the feeding bottle and
diapers are my only spare time hobby ;-) . Nevertheless, some day in
the future, when Brandan and Aroa become able of eating, moving,
playing and some other thing for themselves, I hope I wil be back to
I expect this to hapen in some 17 years, 5 months and 26 days from now :-D

> So, what I propose to avoid gl being in danger is that you try
> completing the "sublevel 1 and 2" while we try to get news from
> Marce....

Please, let Jorge get his hands in. Also, feel free to delete or
freeze my account as I have no plans for working on Debian in the near

Please note that some other people also noted it's interest in ddtp,
but afaik never really reified in translations done.

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