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> On Feb 11, 2018, at 11:45, Billy Rojas <1billyro...@buglephilosophy.com> 
> wrote:
> Where is the college that promises you the skills you need to live a happy 
> life? 
> Does anybody even offer courses on sexual integrity, budgeting, abuse of 
> power, or any of the other issues that regularly destroy lives, families, and 
> careers?
> Why couldn't a new college / university seek to do exactly that?
Why indeed?

That is actually my point. Nobody actually seems to want to be accountable for 
cultivating true virtue. Hope only promises jobs. Christians focus on 
indoctrinating fundamentalism and excluding a fixed set of sins.  Buddhism 
can’t prevent its own sex scandals.  

If you want a partial counter-example, the best I can think of is the military 
academies. They are at least self-conscious about training people in 
discipline, leadership and teamwork — and getting better at it over time. 

What would a school like look that was as single-mindedly focused on 
Training Culture Warriors? What would it have to subtract, not just add?

You’d need more than relevant classes and high production values. Or even a 
rigid ideology. 

I have a theory, but first I want to see if we agree that’s the question worth 

> And I'd add still other essentials that are regularly overlooked
> in the curricula. For example "Psychology of Personal Relationships,"
> "The Objective Study of Religion," and "Human Growth  -what to
> expect at age 35, 50, and 70."  Also: "Looking Ahead:  The Job Market
> in 2025, 2040, and 2055."

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