> OK, what is your theory?

Are you familiar with Cornel’s hotel school?


The reason they are so great is because the students are actually running a 
real live hotel. The same way we train doctors and scientists, but hardly 
anyone else. 

What if we trained citizens and political leaders the same way, by curating a 
real world experience?

BLISS Stands for Barkworth’s Live-action Incarnational Ssocietal Ssimulator. 
Barksworth is a character I literally dreamed up, where I’ve been imagining how 
he and his ex-supermodel wife go about accidentally reinventing society 
(nothing written down yet, alas). 

The Municipal University reimagines college as a city.   There are no 
departments or businesses. Everything is a “service”, with a triple mission of 
serving customers, training students, and improving the state of the art. The 
city itself is run by the government service, which periodically experiments 
with different models of governance.

Values are taught by Dunbars, Households or collections of households up to 
~100 residents that publish and enforce their own particular values, especially 
around Money, Sex, and Power. The Muniversity does not prescribe these, but 
does enforce the core values of:
- respect
- science
- service

Thus, Dunbar’s (or larger Clans that share the same explicit values)
are tracked by the success of their alumni to develop an empirical dataset 
About the impact of different values and practices.

Rather than a rigid distinction between staff, faculty, and students, each 
person can participate in different roles depending on the context. Some start 
out sponsored, like traditional students, but can quickly earn BlissBucks as 
their skills mature (whose exchange rate with US Dollars is managed by the 
Finance Service).

The joke is that the only jobs you cannot train for at BLISS are “Prostitute” 
and “college professor.” Everyone must become expert at something that has 
intrinsic value to society. 

There is no formal graduation; You can grow up, get married, and buy a house 
with an off-campus Dunbar while still being a citizen of the muniversity. 
Though most eventually get Commisioned to live out BLISS values elsewhere. 

Anyway, this was more intended as a plot device and social commentary that a 
practical proposal. But it was a fun thought experiment. And an interesting 
hypothesis about how to answer your question.



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> I will make a wild guess and say that you agree with the sentiment.

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