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> On Feb 12, 2018, at 21:39, Chris Hahn <c...@2chahn.com> wrote:
> I wasn’t promoting the website.  In my rush out of town I did a shorthand 
> posting of my experience at Hope.  Those intangibles must be experienced to 
> be believed.  There are small oases out there.  Ernie, I would encourage you 
> to think small (college) for your children.  Magic can happen in these 
> settings.
I don’t believe in magic anymore.

I do love the idea of a small college, especially for my daughter. But I would 
like the college to be up front about its values, and what it is committing to 

I am curious whether Hope is still a magical place, or the Magic is becoming 
subordinate to those numbers it proudly reports on the website...

If we aren’t willing to be publicly accountable for our values, what good are 


> Chris

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