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> wrote:
> I'm skeptical about:
> "households up to ~100 residents that publish and enforce their own 
> particular values, especially around Money, Sex, and Power."
> To me this says that values are relative and right and wrong can be voted on 
> because there is no objective right and wrong.  That view is something  that 
> I can't accept.
Obviously neither do I. The question is, how do we get people to see that?

You are the one always telling me we can’t talk about morality in Biblical 
terms and expect people to pay attention. We need to use science. 

So in my fictional universe, each community publishers exactly what moral 
standards they use, but they must submit to science in tracking the outcomes.

I for one will be greatly amused to see even the short-term results of a 
fraternity organized around a libertarian lines...

That was the fun part of doing this as a fictional story. My heroes are only 
vaguely religious, So they have no particular moral ax to grind. Instead, they 
can run a “fair experiment“ which I believe will give biblical values a chance 
to shine.


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