So are you having fun? I get the sense that you are, and that this self-challenge so far has been anything but pointless.

On 08/12/2017 07:12 PM, Bill Lindsay wrote:


Just for fun, here's a photo I took today of Sam in front of a urban mural in Oakland. I've driven past this spot numerous times, thinking it was a cool spot for a bike portrait. I was on my way down to Lucky Duck Bike Cafe in Downtown Oakland. Ely Rodriguez of Ruthworks posted on Instagram that he would be down there showing some of his work, and working the repair stand. I had a nice breakfast, and an even nicer visit with Ely. I ordered a seat bag. I'm 350 miles into the 2000 mile challenge. I should be able to wrap up 200 miles on bike #1 this week. Have a nice weekend.

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

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