Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> James Carlson wrote:
> > Having engineers rather than gatekeepers marking bugs as 
> "integrated,"> as Alan describes for non-ON gates, seems broken to 
> me.  
> Well, it is admittedly for gates with no gatekeepers.   When you have
> a fraction of the developers ON does, you get by with a fraction of 
> theoverhead too.

I manage a consolidation with a total of 2 developers.  Even with this
size the "gatekeeper" role is intact.  I would suggest the wording be
explicitly stated for the "gatekeeper".  Then describe the role the
"gatekeeper" conducts as part of the product release process.

Although not staffed with a specific "gatekeeper", the consolidation I work
on leaves the "integrated" status change to the one conducting the
"gatekeeper" role at product release time.

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