I also have one or two machines whose code I have forgotten... but 
they're logged in already so no need to worry!

If a macintosh is not logged in and I forgot the security code I just 
delete the control panel and reinstall it, with a new security code.

I'm curious; why you would want to move serial numbers from one 
machine to the other?

Hope this helps!


>How do I uninstall retsospect ENTIERLY so I can start over with these two
>messing clients? The original problem was that the server who used to be a
>client also has an activator code witch it shouldn't...
>I hate buying new stuff, you solve a couple of problems but generating a
>few new once you didn't thoght of in the beginning...
>/ jakob
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To subscribe:    [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Archives:        <http://list.working-dogs.com/lists/retro-talk/>
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