>Client licenses are now stored in Retrospect's License Manager. If you had
>old-style Retrospect Clients with activator codes, then the License Manager
>automatically knows how many client licenses (i.e., a 10-pack) you already
>have. When you forget a client computer, the License Manager makes that
>license available for a new client system to be logged in. To add more
>Retrospect Clients, you can now just enter a license code into License

So you said and so I hoped it to be. I had free numbers but still two
computers demanded the same serial. It's solved by using "a poor mans
installer", simpley copying the settings from the old machine and re
installing the client on one machine and now it works.


I tried to back up without any security or compression, still I just got
some 67 MB/min at the most and I think that's too slow. Or rather, I
expected it to be faster, but it's OK. I truelly don't care that much if it
takes 2 or 4 hours as long as it's working.

All our computers are named PPC_01, PPC_02, iBook_01, PC_01 etc and they
doen't say Boss' HD or similar. Second you would need a VXA drive to
extract the data so I think 128 Bit encryption on top of that is really too

Yesterday when I clicked the hardware compression, is wasn't shown in the
status window, but maybe it's working anyway? Compression isna't that
efficiant anyway, I get some 10 to 15%. (One can ask how the can sell tapes
that will store 66 GB? That demands a compression of 50% witch for me seems
more or less theoretic...)

Did I miss someting here?


/ jakob

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