Hello retro,
    This is my first posting here.  I am hoping a solution can be found
my problem is in regards to backing up to a Macintosh File.

Our System:
    AppleShare IP Mac Server
    OS9 w/512 MB ram
    Duel Processor G4
    3/75 gig HFS+ HD's with two in a R1
    Retro 4.3
    68 gig Backup (USB) HFS+ hard drive.

My Problem:
    I have had trouble with our server "bombing" while backup is taking
place.  More specifically when the Macintosh file reaches it's two gig
I am not sure what is going on.  I have spoken with retrospect a couple
times and they told me about the back up drive needing to be HFS+ and
version needing to be 4.3.  I have done these both and the back-ups
still stop
at 2 gigs.  I am wondering if it could just be the USB drive technology.

Apple System Profiler treats the connection (extension) to the USB drive
a PCI expansion.  Could this be interfering with the back-up?  I shut
the Web and File sharing before back up takes place so I don't think it
is a
ASIP/Retro problem.  (especially since it stops at 2 gigs.)  I have
turned off
temporary memory and placed an alias of retro in the start up folder in
to allocate memory to retro before the other apps. to alleviate memory
I think that worked.  However, I don't know why I am stopping at 2 gigs.

is there some preference that I don't know about?   Thanks in advance
for your help. - D

-- Donovan D. Brooke
Systems Administrator/
Assc. Art Director
Epsen Hillmer Graphics

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