Thanks Eric for your help.  I didn't think of looking towards ASIP as being the
problem, but it looks to be just that.  Realizing now that a single file can only
be a max of 2 gigs, is there a procedure for spliting up the file to back up onto?
Can retrospect jump to a new file when it has reached 2 gigs or can I designate
another file to copy to when it reaches the 2 gig limit???  - Thanks,  - Donovan

Eric Ullman wrote:

According to Apple's Tech Info Library article #15460, "AppleShare File
Sharing: Chart of All Limitations," last modified 11/17/2000, ASIP 6.x still
has a 2GB file size limit.

Tom Lawton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Donovan, List, Dantz
> Sorry, no answer, but same problem ...

> Donovan Brooke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
when the Macintosh file reaches it's two gig
>> limit...

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