According to Apple's Tech Info Library article #15460, "AppleShare File
Sharing: Chart of All Limitations," last modified 11/17/2000, ASIP 6.x still
has a 2GB file size limit.

Is this chart in error?

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Tom Lawton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Donovan, List, Dantz
> Sorry, no answer, but same problem in very different circumstances- 9GB SCSI
> drives, not ASIP- all sorts of differences- BUT STILL 2GB LIMIT... I had
> thought  that 4.3 broke the 2G limit; however, I found it didn't, and I read
> somewhere- perhaps on this list- the particular conditions when it will go
> through 2GB. However, I now don't remember where I read it, or what the
> conditions were...
> Donovan Brooke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Our System: AppleShare IP Mac Server, OS9 w/512 MB ram, Duel Processor G4,
>> 3/75 gig HFS+ HD's with two in a R1, Retro 4.3, 68 gig Backup (USB) HFS+ hard
>> drive.
>> My Problem: I have had trouble with our server "bombing" while backup is
>> taking place.  More specifically when the Macintosh file reaches it's two gig
>> limit. I am not sure what is going on.  I have spoken with retrospect a
>> couple of times and they told me about the back up drive needing to be HFS+
>> and the version needing to be 4.3.  I have done these both and the back-ups
>> still stop at 2 gigs.  I am wondering if it could just be the USB drive
>> technology.

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