The only way to do this is to format the entire volume as a removable
cartridge. Retrospect will then fill it with separate 2 GB container files.
You'll need formatting software other than Apple's Drive Setup. DANTZ DOES

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

> Try partitioning the drive into segments <2GB, and then define all of the
> partitions within Retrospect as members of the backup set. If my
> assumptions about the way Retrospect works are correct, then it will fill
> up each one in turn and the files will not get over the 2GB limit imposed
> by ASIP.
> As I said, I haven't tried this, so it's really a guess. Does anyone see
> any reason why this wouldn't work?
> "Dan O'Donnell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 12/15/2000 10:29:21 AM
> Please respond to "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To:   retro-talk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> cc:    (bcc: Ben Eastwood/HMG/Wilson Learning/US)
> Subject:  Re: Macintosh File
> I waas under the impression that the 2GB file size was a limitation
> of the MacOS, and not ASIP alone. If so, you may have other problems.
> But you might try compressing it with Stuffit Deluxe, and dividing
> the resulting compressed file into parts. (Though if the 2GB limit is
> set by the OS then this probably won't work either.)
> At 12:16 PM -0600 on 12/15/00, Donovan Brooke wrote:
>> Thanks Eric for your help.  I didn't think of looking towards ASIP as being
>> the problem, but it looks to be just that.  Realizing now that a single file
>> can only be a max of 2 gigs, is there a procedure for spliting up the file to
>> back up onto? Can retrospect jump to a new file when it has reached 2 gigs or
>> can I designate another file to copy to when it reaches the 2 gig limit???  -
>> Thanks,  - Donovan
>> Eric Ullman wrote:
>>> According to Apple's Tech Info Library article #15460, "AppleShare File
>>> Sharing: Chart of All Limitations," last modified 11/17/2000, ASIP 6.x
> still
>>> has a 2GB file size limit.
>>> <

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