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> Are you referring to the total amount of data copied during that session? Or
> to the total amount of data in that backup set in total? The first figure is
> reported in the log just above the performance; I've marked a suggestion on
> your behalf for an option to display that information in the log as well.

It was the total for the session which I was referring to.  While it is
reported for each client, the summary at the end does _not_ include the
total.  Here is a sample from our backup last night, showing the last client
and the summary:

-   12/14/2000 10:14:31 PM: Copying 4DAcres
    12/14/2000 10:15:46 PM: Comparing 4DAcres
    12/14/2000 10:17:03 PM: Execution completed successfully
        Completed: 34 files, 93.2 MB
        Performance: 93.1 MB/minute (91.6 copy, 94.7 compare)
        Duration: 00:02:32 (00:00:32 idle/loading/preparing)

    12/14/2000 10:17:04 PM: Execution incomplete
    Total performance: 80.1 MB/minute
    Total duration: 03:43:08 (02:09:28 idle/loading/preparing)
    Quit at 12/14/2000 10:17 PM

As you can see, unlike the client summary, there is no "Completed: files and
megabytes" line in the Total summary block, just the "Total performance" in
MB/minute.  This is why I have to add up the values from each individual
client entry.  The cumulative total of the "Completed" lines for a session
would be a VERY useful thing, and presumably trivial to add to the code.
I'm sure
> I've also added your suggestion about tape capacity as well, though one of
> the reasons that this isn't already a feature is that the figures can vary
> so greatly due to compression, performance and hardware that the estimates
> are often very misleading. You do have option to check media while a backup
> isn't running, but during the operation this information is unavailable.

My suggestion was to show the amount of data already on the tape (as the
"Members" pane of Configure/BackupSets does).  I know from experience that I
am going to get roughly 18-19GB per DDS-3 tape, and so if the "waiting for
media" dialog indicated that the tape already had, say, 17.9GB stored on it,
I'd be able to anticipate it would run out during the session.  As you say,
you can't check once the session has started.


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