In Retrospect's log, the number of files and megabytes for each client
during a backup session is reported.  In the summary at the end of
execution, however, there is only a performance "nn MB/min" number, not a
cumulative total in mega(giga)bytes.

I'm sure I remember suggesting adding this years ago on the old CompuServe
forum, and if there is anyone from Retrospect on this list, I'd like to
suggest it again.  It should be fairly easy to add, and it would make it a
lot easier to see how much tape space is used on a nightly basis, instead of
having to add up each individual client manually.

While I'm at it, would it be possible to show the sort of "n.m GB used"
capacity information in the "waiting for media" dialog?  Right now, it just
tells you that "all data will probably fit", for the client about to back
up.  I often leave the office just after the backup is kicking in, putting
in the correct tape as I go.  There is no way to check to see how much space
is left on the tape without cancelling the backup.


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