Hi Tom,

It's actually the AppleShare IP server software that doesn't support files
larger than 2 GB, even with Mac OS 9.0.4 and a Mac OS Extended formatted
disk (HFS+). The workaround of formatting an ASIP volume as "removable" will
allow Retrospect to create 2 GB file backup sets until the volume is full.

Your 14 GB file backup set would not be allowed on an ASIP server.


Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Tom Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm either on a different planet or not understanding this exchange.
> I have been using Retrospect 4.3 to backup 6 Macintosh Graphics
> Workstations to a 40GB ATA Drive on a B&W G3 since October 1st. The
> "Backup Set" file size for each machine is well in excess of 2GB (the
> primary Photoshop Scanning Station Mac's "Backup Set" file  is 14GB).
> I incrementally add to the Backup Sets each night and have done a few
> restores to cover inadvertently trashed files. While this method is
> supplemented with a VXA Tape Drive for off-site and archival copies,
> the speed and simplicity of backing up to and restoring from a large
> Hard Drive has been wonderful the past few months.

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