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> Please forgive my ignorance, but I have to ask the following question:  Your
> hard drive fails.  You want to pop in a new drive and restore the system to
> the original condition.  What do you do?

1.  On the new disk Install Windows NT into a temporary directory (e.g.

2.  Since this thread was about the Backup Server, install Retrospect into a
temporary directory.

3.  Rebuild the catalog of the most recent backup of the Backup Server.

4.  Restore from the Backup Server backup (i.e. from local backup device).

5.  Reboot.

6.  Delete the temporary directories.

The Backup Server should now be as it was at the time of the last "self"

On a Mac this so much easier as you can always boot from the Retrospect CD
(or an external hard disk, or zip or jaz, etc, etc) and omit steps 1 and 2
above ... this is not so easy with Windows platforms as there are so many
system configuration variables which make it basically impossible for Dantz
to ship a bootable restore CD for Windows.  However I heard somewhere that
Dantz are working on a solution which will allow a bootable restore CD to be
created by Retrospect for the specific system.

Cheers,  Malcolm

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