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> Wow.  I never thought of that.  Temporary directories sound like they will
> save my butt.  Brilliant response!
> Would I use temp directories with win95/98?


When faced with this situation with normal user PCs running Win9x I just
format the disk, do a minimum OS install and then the Retrospect Client ...
all in a temp directory.  Reboot, add the client to the server and restore
over the network.

In preparation for this situation I setup one Win9x machine the way I want
it then do a full backup.  I can then use this backup to configure new
machines or fix broken ones.

Other people ghost one disk onto another or even a CD-R, but I find using
Retrospect over the network more convenient.  In an office which has several
hardware configurations it tends to be simpler with Retrospect to just do a
full backup BEFORE letting users use the machine so the "as supplied"
configuration can be re-applied when necessary.

Cheers,  Malcolm

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