Ok, here's a feature request that I've been looking around in Retrospect...

An easy way to find out how much was backed up off of a certain 
client without having to add up all the backup numbers in the log.

Meaning, a week ago I started a new backup.   It did a full backup 
over the weekend and then incrementals every night.

After wading through the log,  I was able to add up the first backup 
of one client along with the 5 incrementals and get the total backed 
up from that client.

I'd like to see charting and such.   Something that will make graphs 
would be nice, but if it just pumped out raw numbers that I could 
move into Excel that would be good too.

What would I like to see?   A raw format of:

For Each machine:

machine name
MB Backed up over the course of several nights.  (Full backup + Incrementals)
Number of backups (how many incrementals actually took place).
Total time taken (Full + incrementals)

It would look something like this and could be imported into Excel

sebulba    2580      5      157 MB/Min     00:16:43
anakin     3260      5      107 MB/Min     00:30:46

See, in reports, as far as I can see, it only tells you how much the 
last backup backed up.  So that would be the last incremental only.

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