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Ted Felix <t...@tedfelix.com> wrote:

>On 3/23/19 5:27 AM, Will Godfrey wrote:
>> Typically 3-4 minutes 8-12 tracks MIDI only.
>> Most commonly happens when splitting a track then deleting part of it. Actual
>> crash usually happens next time I go to 'Play'.  
>   Ok, thanks.  I'll see if I can reproduce with these sorts of edits.
>> Had a look at gdb in the past (ran away screaming) couldn't make a lot of 
>> sense
>> out of the information it presented.  
>   All I need is the backtrace which can be had by issuing the "bt" 
>command in gdb against a core dump.  Might need to do some configuring 
>to get your system to generate core dumps for rg.  E.g., run rg like 
>this from the command line:
>$ ulimit -c unlimited
>$ rosegarden
>   Then once you've got a core dump:
>$ gdb rosegarden core
>   And finally, use the "bt" (backtrace) command.
>(gdb) bt
>   Just need to copy/paste the output of the backtrace for me and I can 
>do the rest.  Might not pinpoint the exact problem, but will certainly 
>provide a data point to work with.
>> Some time back we had a segfault in
>> Yoshimi - gdb was no help at all and we found the problem by simply undoing
>> commits till we found the one where it changed :(  
>   A bisect is oftentimes a very useful tool in these situations.  But 
>only if it's an easy-to-reproduce problem.  Running gdb on a core dump 
>is best for intermittent or harder to reproduce issues.

OK, I'll have a go at that over the next day or two - bit busy at the mo.

git bisect was what we used :)

Will J Godfrey
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