Out of curiosity, what is the problem?

> >I had gotten in the habit of just buying a retail desktop PC off the
> >shelf, but you can't buy those anymore.  Getting Linux onto a retail
> >Windows PC is a huge pain in the ass anyway.  I guess I have to go
> >figure out what components to buy and roll my own like it's 1995.  I am
> >not looking forward to this at all.

- Buy a computer
- Put in another hard drive, I bought a cheap SSD
- (Unplug the supplied Windows drive if you're not going to use it for now)
- Install Linux

I did find the new Linux installer (with Ubuntu Studio) a bit strange. It
seemed all logical with empty HDD, but when having another HDD in the
computer with Ubuntu Studio, the installer says there were no other OS
found and logical volume management options and all the talk of deletion
look strange or scary :D

I am using now a 2006 era dual core and everything looks ok. Maybe the
newest computers bring new problems?

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